Hockley Valley


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The Wood Shed
The Wood Shed In the colder months, cozy up to a nice warm fire in the Meeting Hall or Creekside Room.
Ecology Retreat Centre
Ecology Retreat Centre Did you know that we are open all year round? BTW - we have a great toboggan hill!
Bridge over Stream
Bridge over Stream We have great hiking trails. Make sure to bring hiking shoes as there are also many hills.
Winter Pond
Winter Pond Bullrushes at pond in the winter
Winter stream
Winter stream The streams flow year round. We have spring water coming out of all our taps!
Eastern Newt
Eastern Newt Also known as Red-spotted Newt. The aquatic larvae go through a terrestrial stage before later maturing into aquatic adults. Newts in the terrestrial stage are called efts.
Trillium Hill
Trillium Hill In late spring and early summer you can witness the thousands of trilliums on Trillium Hill just behind the Lodge.